Definitive Guide to CBD Products

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What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants such as hemp and marijuana. Research on cannabinoids in general, and their effects on animals and humans, is still ongoing. However, there are plenty of studies on the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Some of these are supported by research, but most have yet to be verified. The legalisation of hemp has contributed significantly to the increase in the number of customers buying CBD oil.

La diferencia entre el CBD de cáñamo y el de marihuana es el contenido de THC. El THC es el cannabinoide que te “coloca”. El CBD de marihuana tiene una alta concentración de THC en comparación con el CBD de cáñamo, que, según la Ley , no debe contener más del 0,3 por ciento de THC. Tomar aceite de CBD es solo una de las muchas formas en que las personas están aumentando su consumo de CBD.



Why choose Pet Shop Joy products?

The best CBD companies will always be 100% transparent about what is in their products, including the results of third-party laboratory testing.
Testing by an external laboratory is important because companies that test in-house can easily change their results to make their products look better than they really are.


Pet Shop Joy pursues the goal of making high quality hemp products accessible to everyone. Thanks to many years of experience in organic farming and the cultivation of hemp plants, Pet Shop Joy produces organic CBD products of the highest quality. In order to guarantee this, a The hemp plants are harvested by hand and modern, gentle and sustainable processing methods are used. for their use. Subsequently, the Analysis of each batch of products in-house and in an independent laboratory for quality assurance.


What makes our products different?

There are many differences between the products we offer at Pet Shop Joy and the CBD brands you are used to finding in the shop. Aside from the transparency of our products, which stems from the disclosure of our third-party lab test results, our products have much more to offer in terms of production methods and variety.

As part of our effort to offer the highest quality CBD products, we only use organic hemp. The hemp used in our CBD products comes from 100% organic crops located in Switzerland, where no pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation process. That's why all our products are always free of harmful chemicals.

We specifically chose hemp from Switzerland because of the state's high soil quality and strict regulation of hemp cultivation and testing. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that we are a company dedicated to helping keep the environment safe through organic and sustainable cultivation.


What is CBD oil made of?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. The oil is made by extracting CBD from cannabis plants. Cannabis plants can be divided into two categories: marijuana plants and hemp plants. Both have CBD, although hemp plants generally contain much more CBD than marijuana plants, which contain much more THC. Therefore, the best CBD products tend to be made from hemp.

That said, hemp plants can contain traces of THC, legally up to 0.3%. Any cannabis plant with more than 0.3 per cent THC is classified as a marijuana plant. However, both are technically the same species of plant.


Full Spectrum Oils

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids found in the plant along with CBD, as well as terpenes, flavonoids and other nutrients. Full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp should contain no more than 0.3% THC. People prefer this type because of something called the entourage effect. This is the effect that all cannabinoids have on the body when they work together.

Broad Spectrum Oils

This type is for those who want the best of both worlds. Broad-spectrum CBD is like full-spectrum CBD, except that the THC is extracted. However, it can also be made from a CBD isolate that has had some components reintroduced. Those who choose this type will benefit from the entourage effect while avoiding ingesting any THC.

How does CBD work?

Theoretically, you experience the effects of CBD in your body thanks to your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is found in many animal species. The ECS system is crucial in helping the body maintain balance. So far, scientists have discovered two types of cannabinoid receptors in the body. CBD binds well to one of them. There is still a lot of research to be done on CBD's interactions with the body.

Use and concentration

Taking CBD oil is easy with the help of drop dispensers. It is recommended to administer CBD oil drops directly under the tongue so that the oral mucosa can absorb the ingredients and release them into the bloodstream.

When dosing CBD oils, it is important to remember that every body reacts differently. A general recommendation is to start with a full-spectrum oil that has a low CBD content. After taking two or three drops of CBD oil, first wait. If the desired effect does not occur, the dosage can be increased the next day.

It is important that users gradually approach the product. Because a CBD oil with a high CBD content does not automatically mean that the effect is better or stronger. Therefore, it often takes time for users to find the right dosage with the right CBD content for them.


Concentrations per Dose

To determine the concentration of CBD oil per dose, you may have to do a bit of maths. Below you will find the calculations for the dosage of a jelly bean and the oil so you can get an idea of how to calculate the concentration yourself.

1. Concentration in CBD oil.

Let's say you bought 30ml of CBD oil with a concentration of 600mg CBD. To find the amount of CBD in 1ml of the oil, you have to divide the concentration by the size of the bottle.
600 mg / 30 ml = 20 mg/ml


This means that for every ml of CBD you take, you will get 20 mg of CBD.


Use of oil for your pet

There are two general ways to administer CBD oil to your pet: directly, by inserting the squeezer into his mouth, or indirectly, by adding it to his food.

Our CBD oil, specially formulated for dogs and cats, is one of the best ways to help your beloved friend get the CBD they need to live their best life. Made from carefully cultivated, all-natural industrial hemp, our CBD supplements are a sure-fire hit for your dog.

Each bottle contains 150 or 300 mg of potent and effective full-spectrum CBD oil, perfect for treating problems ranging from arthritis to anxiety.


Are there any side effects?

Our products have safety reports and are registered as cosmetic products in the EU. Each batch of our CBD oils is additionally tested in the laboratory. Therefore, they are safe for use as a cosmetic product.

In general, the CBD drops are well tolerated. Mild side effects occur only rarely. This is also described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in its Critical Review Report about cannabidiol (CBD).


CBD: Final thoughts

Despite how young the local CBD market is in Spain and the rest of Europe, it has gained a large following. Due to the testimonials and research on the benefits of CBD, more and more people are curious and eager to try it. If these testimonials are anything to go by, buying CBD oil and adding it to daily life has many benefits. Of course, more research needs to be done, but you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose by trying CBD oil today.

Our Process

Our process starts in Switzerland, where our hemp is grown organically on our own plantations. The utmost care is taken to cultivate the plants without using any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. This is because we believe in using only sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation methods.
The hemp is then taken to our laboratories so that the CBD can be extracted, distilled and converted into oil. We use a CO2 extraction process to ensure that our oil contains the cleanest and purest CBD extract possible.

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