Transparent Production Process

Our process begins in Switzerland, where our hemp is grown organically on our own farms. The utmost care is taken in cultivating the plants without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. That’s because we believe in using only sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods.

The hemp is then taken to our laboratories so that the CBD can be extracted, distilled and converted into oil. We use a CO2 extraction process to ensure that our oil contains the cleanest and purest CBD extract possible.

And always in tune with the values of the island!

CBD Production

CBD production works in different ways. What are the processes and methods? Take a look at the details of our CBD production in Switzerland. CBD oils are already available in many online stores or in fixed retail stores. However, the product on the shelf reveals nothing about its origin. The production of CBD from the Pet Shop Joy brand, however, is a worthwhile story , From seed, through harvesting and extraction, to selling in the online store, it’s all up to us. This has a very positive effect on the quality of the oils, which follows strict guidelines, meets the most stringent criteria and is also tested by our own laboratory and by an independent laboratory.

. There are two important factors in CBD production:

  1. Grown in organic quality
  2. Produced as gently as possible.

For users, it can become a challenge to assess the quality of CBD. This means that finding a good CBD product is not entirely easy, as many suppliers disclose little or nothing about the manufacturing and production processes of the oils. Although a large number of companies talk about the highest quality and organic farming. Pet Shop Joy can provide oils produced under one roof.

In addition, the crop is grown outdoors, in the field. From the hemp crops, through the hand-picked plants, to the final oil, Pet Shop Joy makes the entire production chain as transparent as possible.


The cultivation of plants that carry the active ingredient CBD is crucial. Pet Shop Joy hemp plants are grown in Switzerland. CBD (or cannabidiol) is extracted from hemp. The following conditions are especially important for cultivation and harvesting:
  • The seeds
  • The method of cultivation: greenhouse, indoor or outdoor
  • Soil according to organic guidelines
  • The climate
  • Harvesting by hand
  • The qualitative selection of hemp leaves
  • The extraction process
  • Detailed knowledge
  • Everything you need to know about the cultivation of hemp plants is discussed in the article The cultivation of hemp.

CBD production: quality control

Once the CBD extract has been extracted from the biomass, it must be mixed with a carrier oil. Thus CBD oil with different concentrations can be produced. Pet Shop Joy, for example, uses organic sunflower seed oil to bring the CBD extract to the desired concentration.

After this process, each production batch is tested in the in-house laboratory.

To ensure high quality and to be as transparent as possible, it is important that our own products are tested by an independent laboratory. Pet Shop Joy has general tests such as the terpene profile analyzed, in addition to the controls of each batch, to guarantee the high quality of our CBD oils.

The oil is then bottled and the bottles are labeled. They are then packaged. The CBD oils are then ready for shipment. Pet Shop Joy ships CBD products in sustainable packaging. How CBD is extracted and how it is produced determines the quality of the oil. From soil to harvesting, extraction method, testing and choice of carrier oil, each component is crucial.

The following factors play an important role:

  • Certified organic: an EU-certified hemp variety that is grown according to strict organic guidelines.
  • Environmental protection: CO2 extraction of the ingredients, as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Hemp extract: Choose a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Laboratory tests: Independent laboratory tests according to ISO standards to check the quality of CBD oil and THC content.

To be sure that it is a high quality CBD oil, it is recommended to investigate the cultivation and production methods.

CBD production: oil

CBD and other Cannabinoids, Terpenes and plant substances are now dissolved by extraction. There are different methods that separate the above-mentioned substances from the biomass. The process determines the degree of purity and quality of the finished CBD oil.

We present the four different ways of CBD extraction and then explain how the oil is produced at Pet Shop Joy:

  • Oil extraction

In oil extraction, a vegetable oil is usually used to extract the cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, so you can mix them with an oil and heat it to about 100°C. The cannabinoids will then dissolve in the oil for further use. However, the vegetable oil spoils quickly and the CBD content with this extraction is also low.

  • Solvent extraction

In this extraction process, CBD is dissolved with solvents such as ethanol. The finely chopped leaves containing the CBD are mixed with the solvent and then heated until only the CBD extract remains. However, not only CBD is extracted, but also chlorophyll, which can be harmful to humans in large quantities. In addition, there may be residues of the solvent, which would be very harmful to health.

Tip: When choosing a CBD product, yield should play an important role. The most qualified suppliers use CO2 extraction.

  • CO2 extraction

As the name suggests, carbon dioxide is used in this process. That doesn’t sound very good at first, if you associate CO2 with exhaust gases. We will explain why CO2 extraction is the highest quality extraction process.

Carbon dioxide offers an important advantage: at room temperature it is completely gaseous, but at high pressure it becomes a liquid. liquid. For CO2 extraction, CO2 flows at high pressure in liquid form over the biomass to dissolve the various components. dissolve. In this form, CO2 acts as a solvent for CBD.

Afterwards, it becomes fully gaseous again at normal temperature and no residues remain in the extract, as is the case, for example, with solvent extraction. All that remains is the pure CBD extract with all the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.