The healthy disconnection we all seek.

The island carries intrinsic in its nature “the origin” nature itself in its pure state; its light, its sounds, its smell of salt, sun and pine trees. Its colors… its relationship with prehistory, its megalithic monuments… its medieval touches in the streets of Ciutadella.


With its outbursts led by THE WIND, a very important and common element that conditions your day to day life on the island. Like the “risaga”, or its fiblo caps, which show us the intensity and strength of this nature in its purest state.

Sustainable production in harmony with the island

We strive to offer products and processes that are as sustainable as possible. Our products emanate from a fair, organic and sustainable production, in harmony with the values of the island and its singular and unique universe.


The hedgehogs walking their paths, the long-lived turtles… all at their own pace, slowly but surely. Only with the times set by nature and its cycle.
The blackberries that in the summer accompany you on the dry walls of all its rural roads… the prickly pears, the fig trees and their characteristic smell that makes you immerse yourself in another dimension.

Découvrez notre processus

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